Supporting families with college/university-bound kids build systems for motivation and success.

Providing the life-skills, habits, and tools to succeed!

  • How To Find Motivation And Inspiration!

  • Discover WHY Smart Students Aren't Performing

  • Build A Winning Parent / Teen Relationship

  • How To Make The Most Of Your Day

  • “A-Student” Secrets Revealed (Which Doesn't Involve Studying!)

What they had to say...

"Marc helped me be able to complete my work on time through setting deadlines and breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks." Everrett - High School Student

"I spoke to Marc yesterday and he was amazing! Very helpful and clear with the questions I asked. He informed me of how to proceed with my situation and on top of that, was very helpful! Thanks Marc!" Jess

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Build a system NOW before classes begin, and be ready for a successful school year! With as little as 5 minutes per day, build strong motivational habits that will pay off this fall!

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About Mr. Phil

My name is Marc Phil (or you can call me Mr. Phil), and I've been working in the field of academic advisement at the university level for over 10 years.

I  specialize in helping teens get inspired, motivated, and prepared for the transition from high school to college and university life.

I have logged over 26,000 student interactions as an advisor - and I know the avoidable mistakes made by students!

I want to share with you methods, techniques and approaches to avoid being part of the 1/3 of students who do NOT complete their higher education.

Teens are nearing a stage in their life where they are expected to become independent, educated, and start a successful life for themselves.  Ready?

Let's stack the odds in your favour.  Don't leave it to chance!

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- Looking for advice?

- Have questions or concerns?

- Going to college or university but don't  know what to expect?

- Struggling in school?

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Struggling high school student?

It's frustrating... but probably not your fault!

I know that this is a bold statement; however, has anyone ever shown you how to be a good student? Has anyone explained to you how to get inspired, or get motivated? How about staying organized, studying effectively, staying on track? I.M. Student Success is all about showing you how to be a better student!